You know there’s a Zoom joke here we’re missing.

Jeffrey Toobin is back on CNN.

Yes, that guy, the one who got caught bopping his bologna during a Zoom call. And yikes, this interview with Alisyn Camerota is just so cringe and awful.


Wasn’t thinking very well or very much.

No sh*t?

It continues:

Will he be able to, though? We get it, CNN probably still thinks Avenatti will be president someday so they are ok with the Zoominator but to the rest of us, he will always be the perv who marched his penguin during a video call.

No, a mistake is picking your nose and eating the booger on camera during a Zoom call. Polishing the bannister is VERY DIFFERENT from being something a ‘flawed person’ does.


Dude, gross.

Many of them have really missed the guy who got caught masturbating on a video call.

Double yikes.

Don’t say ‘freeing’ around Toobin.




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