The National Review is a neo-Nazi blog, Rebekah? Really?

We thought Rebekah Jones was a train wreck BEFORE this interview but this makes her a train wreck on steroids.

Calling the pretty spectacular exposé Charles C.W. Cooke wrote about her ‘sexist’ is pathetic as well.

Does this really work for people on the Left? C’mon, be honest. Are you all so braindead that you fall for this sort of crap?


Yeah, at first she kind of laughed.

Sure she did.

She’s trying so hard to pretend that Cooke didn’t just destroy her. And accusing him of making things up and calling him sexist? And right, a ‘friend’ convinced her she needed to respond to it.

How can anyone listen to this woman?

We just wonder if they asked her about getting suspended for spamming Twitter.


She desperately needs this to be a sexist attack by a neo-Nazi, otherwise, her brainwashed supporters might start asking questions.

You know what, they won’t start asking questions.

If they were able to think like that they wouldn’t follow and support her in the first place.

Just sayin’.

All she can get.

And it was a HOT MESS.

We wrote about it even.

Updated to add even MORE of a breakdown of her interview:


As we said, train freakin’ wreck.



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