We all knew the media (and the Left, same difference) were spewing lies nonstop to hurt Trump in 2020 (and every year before that), but to see them written out in a simple format in a damning thread on Twitter is really something else.

And it pisses us off.

This is terrible.

This is not the media making mistakes.

No no, this is a concerted effort to beat Trump in 2020 no matter what lies they had to tell or the damage they did to this country.

Take a look.

See? Terrible.

But wait, there’s more.

It does indeed.

And it gets even more terrible.

Awww yes, the infamous Pee Tapes. Didn’t Tom Arnold claim he had those?

Remember Adam Schitt falling for the ‘nude Trump photos’ prank?

It does indeed go on and on.

So many lies.

And they wonder why so many of us don’t trust and dislike them.



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