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'Yup, he still SUCKS': Christopher Rufo takes Obama APART for trying to downplay DANGERS of Critical Race Theory with jab at Republicans

In case you were wondering, yes, Barack Obama is an a-hole.

Tone-deaf pr*ck still doing what he always did by making sideways, passive-aggressive digs at Republicans as a way to shut down any discussion. You know if Democrats are pulling this guy out the fight against CRT is getting bigger and louder.


Watch this if you can stand it:

Ugh, his voice still makes us want to throw up and then throw up again.

Obama is quickly becoming the Hillary of politics … he just won’t go away.

Christopher Rufo was good enough to remind everyone of Obama’s history with and connection to Critical Race Theory:

Keep pushing!


The fight must go on.


So he knows damn well how dangerous and poisonous this ‘theory’ is.

And how it will only divide this country even more.

Which is probably why he supports it so much.



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