When Glenn Kessler isn’t busying himself fact-checking the history of a Black senator to make him look bad he’s doing his best to discredit a very damaging story for Joe Biden, and that’s the story of Hunter’s laptop. Sorry lefties but this ain’t going away any time soon, no matter how much the media and Big Tech work to bury it.

Miranda Devine fact-HAMMERED Glenn’s fact-checking in one Helluva thread … she ain’t playin’.

Take a look.

Yes, he should be ashamed of himself, for so many reasons.

Keep going.


So sloppy.

And oopsie again.

That’s like being a little bit pregnant, Glenn.


But they said so!

Side note, her name is so damn cool.

Ok, back to the thread.

What she said.

Ouch-town, population you, Glenn.



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