June 8th (today) is the Democratic primary in Virginia.

Yeah, shucky darn, Northam can’t run again (right now), but that only means the guy who was in office before him is trying to get the Democratic nod for governor again.

Terry McAwful.


Terry McAuliffe.

Who thinks people on Twitter want to watch a cringey old white guy dance around on stage.

You heard wrong, Terry.

So so so very wrong.

We just wanted you all to know HOW MANY TIMES we had to watch this disaster to grab a screenshot for the featured story pic … SO MANY. Our eyes are now bleeding and we may never ever be able to hear this song again without vomiting profusely but this is the job we signed up for, ya’ know?



Who is advising him to do this? All we can think is they don’t want him to win the Dem primary because EGADS.

It did NOT go over well.


Or pudding night!


Let us not forget that Northam almost showed us all how to moonwalk at a presser but his wife stopped him.

Terry McAuliffe’s dancing is McAwful.



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