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'Truly a form of mind-f**k that's difficult to stomach': Gad Saad DISMANTLES Biden and his 'white supremacy is the greatest threat against US' rhetoric

Joe Biden seems to think the greatest threat facing the US is white supremacy.

Yeah, we know.

It’s stupid.

And to be fair, we’re pretty sure Biden doesn’t ‘think’ much about anything these days and is really nothing more than some sort of Botox-filled puppet spouting lines someone else is feeding him. Klain? Obama? Who knows for sure but this rhetoric (and yes, that’s all it is) is not only divisive but possibly dangerous. Russia, Iran, China … you know they just laugh their as*es off at Biden babbling about white supremacy and pretending Black Americans can’t get accountants or attorneys.


*he really said that*

Gad Saad wrote an epic thread on Biden and as usual, it’s spot-on:

Mind f**k.

There’s a term we don’t hear often enough these days.

And ouch.




Astonishing and not in a good way.

So much this.


Yup, everything is worse than stupid.



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