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Brit Hume pats Mitt Romney on the head for pretending to scold Biden who claimed corporations aren't paying 'their fair share' and LOL

Would someone please remind Mittens Romney that he all but enabled President Biden by being a totally annoying douche-canoe during Trump’s term and the election? Thanks.


And c’mon, Biden claiming corporations aren’t paying their fair share isn’t beneath him … it’s what Democrats do.

Mitt knows this.

But you know, he’s trying really hard to pretend he didn’t help create this hot-dumpster of an administration:

And then he did some fancy-schmancy math to prove that he was really serious!

Give it up, Mitt.

You own this.

Brit Hume responded as only he can:

Anyone else feel like Brit is sort of patting little Mitt on the head?




Maybe if Mitt breaks out the puppets and crayons?


Yeah, we were shocked too.

Then again …

Mitt. Don’t bother. Nobody believes you actually care.



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