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'It's BS': Drew Holden DRAAAGS WaPo in merciless thread for claiming Republicans 'latched' onto woke because they have nothing else

Good ol’ dependably crappy WaPo.



We suppose ‘latch’ is better than seize or pounce.

Ok, it’s not.

Talk about an unoriginal boring pile of biased garbage.


Drew Holden was good enough to do what he does best and put together a fairly merciless thread humiliating WaPo.

This is pretty good:

Dripping with condescenion.


These media types think they are so much smarter and better than the rest of us … and they wonder why fewer and fewer people read them.


Largely white-male membership … lol.

Are these the same people who were trashing a Black Republican just last week?


They want us to believe Republicans can’t survive without our ‘betters’ like Rubin telling us all what to think. And sadly, they’re too full of themselves to realize we’re all just laughing at them.


Disservice to their readership is a nice way of saying he wouldn’t line the bottom of a litterbox with it.



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