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IMBECILE! Ron Coleman DROPS Mayor Jacob Frey for his idiotic comments on the 'true reality' of George Floyd's death (watch)

You’d think the mayor of a major city that saw serious rioting and destruction during the summer of 2020 over the death of George Floyd would be looking at how to mitigate risk and avoid any sort of follow-up destruction or violence after the verdict of the trial is heard … but no Jacob Frey who for whatever reason, thought THIS was smart to say:


The true reality? What now?

It’s almost as if Frey thinks if he panders hard enough the alligator might eat him last.


Ron Coleman had some ‘true reality’ for Frey of his own.

What he said.



Sure seems that way.



WOMP-WOMP: Sharyl Attkisson’s Voter ID poll will piss off Stacey Abrams and other Dems claiming GA voter law is RACIST

Awww, bless her little HEART! Tammy Bruce’s MERCILESS mockery of Gov. GRETCH Whitmer not being able to shut down MI again is PERFECT

REEEEE! Kyrsten Sinema’s pic (love that ring!) mocks progressive bullies trying to push her around and Joyless Joy Reid just CAN’T DEAL

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