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Who HE really is --> CNN hands Dr. Fauci a 'gimme' to mock Republicans hesitant to take the vaccine and reminds us all he sucks (watch)

Fauci, the little gnome who wouldn’t, was on CNN this morning talking about the vaccine and other COVID stuff. Reminder, once COVID goes away his sweet gig going on Sunday morning shows goes away as well so keep that in mind as you watch him babble on about ‘restrictions’ and recommendations.

The only people pretending the pandemic isn’t really over are the ones who need it to keep going.


Gotta keep it all political, right CNN and Fauci?

The planet that keeps him in the limelight.

Ummm, it absolutely does have to do with our liberties.


What he said.

Let’s all be like Texas.

Sound good?


It’s all stupid.

And political at this point.



Sure, something like that.



BOOMAGE! Megyn Kelly’s warning to those trying to force Critical Race Theory down student’s throats is a DOOZY

So we IMPEACH her now, RIGHT?! Maxine Waters’ Chauvin comments while marching in Brooklyn Center sound a LOT like inciting violence (watch)

Dude, WTF?! What Chris Cuomo suggests needs to take place for police reform to happen sounds like a threat (and umm, pretty damn racist)


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