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Oh dude, NO! CNN's Daniel Dale learns the hard way if you're gonna try and fact-check Andy Ngô you better bring your A-Game

We’re starting to think one of the mandatory requirements for working at CNN is being an extremely annoying, biased, mealy-mouthed little toad. Hey, it worked for Jim Acosta, Brian Stelter, and Chris Cuomo … so it should work for Daniel Dale too, right?


Yeah yeah yeah, CNN is gonna CNN … but this was embarrassing even for them.

Ryan Saavedra called Daniel out:

As did a bunch of other people.



Lots of it.

But you know, Daniel works for CNN so narrative trumps facts, even if those facts are produced in a video that ANYONE can watch.


Awww yes, remember when they told us the riots over the summer were mostly peaceful as they stood in front of burning buildings?

Good times.

Andy fired back and boom:

Permit for assault?

Who knew?


And yes, there is actually a video.


But you know, don’t you dare believe your lying eyes!

Or something.



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