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WHOOPSIE! The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s issued ‘correction’ on their Georgia election law story 1 HELLUVA DOOZY

We’re beginning to ask ourselves if the new Georgia election law is really that bad why are so many people making up lies about it? Even newspapers like the Atlanta Consitution Journal, who had to issue a major correction on a story …


Whoopsie indeed.

Yeah, that’s a pretty significant correction … holy crap you guys. The second part of the correction is what we think is the most interesting, ‘However, the law made some changes to early voting. But experts say the net effect was to EXPAND THE OPPORTUNITIES TO VOTE FOR MOST GEORGIANS, not limit them.’

That doesn’t sound like a bad law, morons.


The president of this country thinks he’s a senator, we don’t expect him to acknowledge much of anything.


Sad but true. The big lie will get thousands and thousands of retweets and all sorts of attention, and then the correction comes out, and hardly anyone notices. This is why we’re trying really hard to make sure it gets out there.


Only if they ask for free water … or something like that.



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