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'We still got NOTHING': Karol Markowicz DROPS COVID fear-harpies hoping more Floridians die to justify their lockdowns

Every time we see ‘Florida COVID’ or #DeathSantis trending we figure another group of fear-mongering COVID harpies is trying to disregard the job DeSantis has done in Florida where his state is open, his people are free, and the virus is fairly well contained. We are seeing it a good deal since Biden made his whiny plea asking governors to pause the reopening of their states and the de-muzzling of their constituents, and all because the CDC director had a feeling of DOOM.


Yeah, it’s stupid.

Karol Markowicz summed it up perfectly:

They got nothin’

And they will always ‘got nothin’ because it’s obvious locking states down and forcing masks on free people doesn’t really do much to stop the spread. Or ‘flatten the curve’ as they marketed this nonsense 54 weeks ago.

It’s disgusting and shameful.


Virginia? New Jersey? California? New York? Pennsylvania?

They all suck.

That could work.



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