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And you thought the vaccine passport was BAD: Thread describes disturbing 'test-and-trace' app Biden's COVID team considered

How about no app OR passport? Sound good?


This thread about a ‘test-and-trace app’ the Biden administration ‘entertained’ is some seriously disturbing crap.


Take a look.

An app that would have allowed businesses to deny service to patrons BASED ON THEIR HEALTH DATA.

Guess where it came from:

This is terrifying.


They’re both huge risks to civil liberties but this app … holy guacamole.

This just gets worse and worse.

And keep in mind, they think THEY’RE the good guys in all of this and those people pushing for Voter ID are the bad evil racists.

All we can do is shake our heads.

No kidding.


There it is.





And that should scare the Hell out of all of us.



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