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'Long way to go to undo the DAMAGE we've done': Dr. Shveta Raju's thread on people's irrational COVID fear a must-read

Government, with the help of the media, has so terrified people of catching COVID that getting back to normal may take a looooong time.

Dr. Shveta Raju’s thread about two different patients she saw says so much about what has been done to this country, and ain’t none of it good.




Heir Fauci would be so proud!

But c’mon, two masks? When they really haven’t even proven ONE mask does much to stop the spread? This is just sad.

It gets sadder.

People talking about keeping their faces covered JUST CUZ.


CDC should be ashamed.

Another …


She hesitated to take the mask off even when a DOCTOR asked her to.

Think about that.


She was scared.

The question really is, can we even undo this amount of damage?

We hope so.



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‘Remarkable dishonesty’: Polimath uses the GA massage killing story to take the mainstream media APART in eye-opening thread

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