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'Vile behavior': Frontier Airlines doubles DOWN after kicking Jewish family off plane over their maskless 18-month-old BABY (watch)

We find ourselves asking this at least a half dozen times every day …

What the HELL has happened to our country?!

Take for example Frontier Airlines kicking a Jewish family off a plane because their 18-month-old baby wasn’t wearing a mask.



Watch this:

Vile behavior doesn’t begin to describe this.

And Frontier Airlines’ response:

Gosh, the video doesn’t lie, folks.

We see two very upset little kids (one a baby) and a Jewish family being removed from your plane.



So the crew was high-fiving and discussing ‘those Jews’.

Double wow.

Double yikes.

Oh, and it just gets worse:

No mask?!

Shame on Frontier Airlines.


The baby was under two.

So what really happened here, Frontier Airlines?



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