Remember when Tina Fey promised there would be no politics at this year’s Golden Globes?

About that …

‘Not diverse enough,’ says the two very rich and very white women on a very public stage awarding other privileged people a very privileged award.

The irony of rich people giving golden statues to one another for being in an industry where they make-believe for money while many of the very Americans they’re pandering to sit at home losing their jobs waiting for a government handout is probably lost on these people.

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our head we could see Tina’s lame joke about Sarah Palin and Russia.

We’re embarrassed for them both.

And sadly, not a funny one.

True story.


They do not, and that is what’s most annoying of all. Hollywood really believes they are connecting, advocating, and helping the ‘little people’ by acting like care SO MUCH about race when in reality both Tina and Amy were more than happy to stand up there making a paycheck instead of black comediennes. Don’t lecture other people about their diversity when you lack diversity in THAT VERY MOMENT yourself.



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