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'Take the L, DUDE!' Caleb Hull BUSTS David French in receipt-filled back and forth about Biden's airstrikes and his anti-Trump hypocrisy

It’s fascinating to watch the number of Never Trumper’s who complained and shrieked about every little thing Trump did military-wise who are super cool with Biden’s airstrikes in Syria. And by fascinating we mean typical, annoying, and all too predictable.


Take for example, David French:

Caleb Hull had a few screenshots to share with Dave in a shot, shot, shot, CHASER tweet:

David would be better off if he just admitted his hatred of Trump was all that mattered, seriously. We all know it.

But instead, he doubled down and tried moving the goalposts.

And this didn’t work out so hot for him.

Like at all.


Double-speak is an artform.

And he kept digging …



And there’s the biggest ouch of them all.


Yup, that about sums up Dave’s argument.




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