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Ummm ... what?! Now, we're not sure what Biden really MEANT to say here but it sounds a little RACIST-Y (watch)

Ok, full transparency. We’re 99.99999999% sure Biden didn’t mean to drop the n-word here and it’s likely that his dentures were slipping or he got confused and forgot how to say a certain word or whatever BUT you know if there was a video of Trump even coming CLOSE to saying the n-word it would be news 24/7 and the freakin’ Democrats would try and impeach the guy for it … again.


Even though he’s not president anymore.

What do you guys hear when you play this teensy bit of video?


Again, probably a slip of the tongue or a synapse that didn’t fire like it used to (needs his nap and pudding time) but still.

Well, yeah.

And then there would be several riots … sorry … peaceful protests in Portland and other big cities.

It does just sort of slip out.



Drama-shocked kitty is the best kitty.

Sorry Biden supporters, these are the rules now.



‘We HAVE to take a stand’: Right-leaning teacher’s thread throwing DOWN on the mob coming to cancel him is an EPIC must-read

‘Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life’: Michael Moore comes out defending the teacher’s union, makes them look WORSE

Democrat accidentally says the quiet part about not caring if small business survives OUT LOUD and cue the hilarious backpedaling

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