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DAMN this is good! Dan Crenshaw's point-by-point thread on his Conservative Guide to the Culture Wars is just EPIC

Dan Crenshaw put together what we think is a fairly spectacular thread aka a Conservative Guide to the Culture Wars and honestly, this should be something we share with anyone and everyone who doesn’t really get conservatism. Truly. The next time some yahoo says, ‘But what are you conserving,’ send them this thread.


Trust us.

America is worthy of our love and patriotism.

Amen to all of this.

You get to keep wealth you create and pass it to your kids.

Common sense, yes?



How this is even something up for debate is beyond us.

All of this.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Innocent until proven guilty.

So many people have forgotten that one.



Less abortion, more adoption.

Can we get an ‘Oh Hell yeah’?!



‘Rent-freakin’-free’! S.E. Cupp gets WAY more than she asks for when questioning what Republicans are defending with Trump and HOOBOY

What a DOLT! Rick Wilson couldn’t stop himself from BRAGGING about Lincoln Project pilfering Jennifer Horn’s private messages

YIKES! Lincoln Project just LOSES it posting private DMs between Jennifer Horn (she did not consent) and journo Amanda Becker in NASTY thread (screenshots)

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