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HARVARD! David Hogg tries (fails) to troll 'inserectionists' with his #GoodPillow and then fails again with thread about 'haters'

Far be it for us to make fun of David Hogg for trying to build a progressive pillow company (c’mon, there are lots and lots of jokes to be made with that phrase right there) but his going to Harvard and not being able to spell ‘insurrectionist’ while trying to troll people with his proggy pillow?


Yeah, that’s begging for us to make fun of:

Oh my indeed.

Harvard sure can pick ’em. Yup.

Apparently, David has been getting quite a bit of pushback on his pillow so he wrote a thread about people ‘hating them’ for trying to make the world a better place and they will prove them wrong.

Pretty sure people making fun of his pillow aren’t hating on him or making fun of him for trying to make the world a better place. It really stems from the notion that he thinks this will ‘show’ Mike Lindell but whatever makes him feel better about his spelling.


Pillows can change the world.

Or something.

Hey, we’re trying to be supportive and stuff.

That. ^

Hogg and his pillow … sounds like a children’s book, yes?



Whoa, THAT’S not good! This Nikole Hannah-Jones’ tweet from 2013 is pretty damn problematic, yes? (screenshot)

Clockwork! Glenn Greenwald BLISTERS NYT’s Taylor Lorenz for outright LYING to incite the rage mob and then playing VICTIM

‘They WEAPONIZED it’: John Hayward’s thread on so-called ‘anti-bullies’ on the Left being the actual BULLIES is a must-read

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