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'Ossoff thinks this is a good tweet. It isn't.' Jon Ossoff's dig at Perdue and 'his Senate seat' is NOT the dunk he thinks it is

Jon Ossoff thought this was a good tweet.

We’re starting to see why he lost the last time around.

If he is saying the Senate seat is Perdue’s then isn’t he entitled to it?

Are we overthinking?

Welp, at least Ossoff knows the seat belongs to Perdue.

By his own logic and his own tweet.

But orange man bad!

Wait, that doesn’t quite work, does it?

Our bad.

Then again, we suppose even if Trump truly is done the Left will go on blaming him for everything for the duration of Biden’s ‘senate’ term.

The resemblance is uncanny.

Fair point.

He’d probably do great in CA since the bulk of his supporters are there and not in Georgia anyway.

Another rich, trust-fund Democrat accusing a Republican of privilege.

Funny how the GOP more and more becomes the party of the working man.



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