When one of the leaders of the Chicago Teacher’s Union was caught vacationing in Puerto Rico after fighting against having kids back in the classroom, you’d think they’d be a little bit smarter about what they’re tweeting.

But they’re a union so … no.

See, they’re the underdogs here. Not the parents who are trying to make sure their kids still get educated in a virtual world where many are getting lost and definitely not the poor students who are gradually losing more and more of their ability to connect with their peers. Gotta love it when bullies try and pretend they’re not bullies:

No one said the educators going back are bullies.

They’re not.

The union, they are the bullies.

And that Chambers woman who fought to keep children out of the classroom only to go vacation on beautiful beach and POST ABOUT IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

No shame.

Bullies seldom have shame.

Guess how this went over:

What she said.

Corey DeAngelis tore into them:

This is why the money should follow the child, not the school.

Keep going.

Government monopoly.

Keep in mind, the money the unions are trying to suck out of the system come from taxpayers and the very parents they’re screwing over because they’re ‘scared.’

Corey didn’t let up.

So open the damn schools.

Did we say they should open the schools? Because they should open the DAMN SCHOOLS.

All damn day.


Unions are killing the teaching profession.

Probably sitting in the shade.

That’s how it usually works for people who don’t show up.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

This union just sucks. Like so many other unions.



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