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'Please STOP embarrassing yourselves': Dylan Roof trends because the Left is filled with SJW morons who can't Google

Whether you’re pro or anti-death penalty, the argument behind why Dylan Roof is trending this morning is just … well, it’s dumb.

Some people seem to think Dylan hasn’t been put to death because he’s white.


Don’t make that face.

C’mon, everything is racist ya’ know.


So much *sigh*

Because …


Matt Walsh put together a thread:

Google? Research?

Psh, throwing a fit on Twitter and pushing another ‘racism’ narrative is far more fun and garners way more clicks and taps.



Imagine how much better off we’d all be if people did just a bit of homework before jumping on the outrage train.

We’re surprised that they’re surprised that Matt is surprised … or something.

Guess we’ll just say we’re surprised and leave it at that.




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