Ben Domenech nailed it with his thread on the media and Big Tech working overtime to hide any and every Biden corruption story out there. Yeah, we’d say ‘Hunter Biden’ but the Jim Biden story came out this morning as well.

If any family has taken advantage of their position with the government and this country it’s the Bidens, which is why media and Big Tech worked so hard to hide everything before the election.

Ben Deomenech just absolutely blew them all out of the water with his thread:

Right? Suddenly they seem to give a damn.


No, Facebook is too busy shutting anyone down who disagrees with the COVID vaccine or has questions about having to take it. Their job influencing the election is already done.

Besides their ratings falling, we doubt any real consequences will befall these a-holes.

Not counting on Jack apologizing for accomplishing what he wanted.

What he said.



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