Must be nice to be a Democrat.

Sounds like Hunter Biden has been under investigation since 2018 … yes, you read that correctly.


And instead of digging in and covering the story, the media ignored it or claimed it was just Russian disinformation. You know if this had somehow been Ivanka, Eric, or Trump Jr. they’d have covered this 24/7 looking for any angle on which to blame the president.

But since it was Biden … eh.

Ben Shapiro really hit the nail on the head.

Twitter literally tried keeping the NY Post story from being shared on their platform and locked down their account.

The fix was in, folks.

Yup, they did indeed keep quiet about the investigation because they wanted to get rid of Trump.

He was running against Biden, the media, and the swamp.

And the American people never stood a chance.

Democratic mouthpieces.

Who can f**k right off.

Hell yeah.

They really have been disgusting, biased, rage-donkeys.

More activist than journalist.

And BOOM goes the dynamite.



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