We can neither confirm nor deny if any of this thread from The Epoch Times is accurate and even if it is if any sort of fraud or illegal activities took place on election night in Atlanta HOWEVER holy cow … this is some disconcerting and fairly blatant accusations.

And what some might even call proof.

Take a look for yourself:

The fog is clearing.

Let’s hope so.

The perception of conflict is often worse than the actual conflict itself.

Just sayin’.

An overflowing urinal.

How convenient.


Now why on Earth would they do that?

But it sounds like there was no burst pipe, just an overflowing urinal.

Hrm again.

So basically only one in five ballots was for Trump.


Without observers?

But wait, there’s more.

More questions than EVER about the 2020 election.



Fix was IN! Politico DRAGGED for blatant bias with side-by-side screenshots of their Hunter Biden coverage pre and post-election