While Governor Northam did not include restrictions on places of worship during his melodramatic presser today where he put a curfew in place and limited social gatherings to 10 people, he did try very hard to guilt Virginians about not going to church and talked about appealing to faith leaders.

Yeah, he can’t do that.

And he knows it.

Doesn’t matter if God is everywhere, if a Virginian wants to worship in person they will.

And people shaming them can stuff it.

Because it’s so selfish to go to CHURCH!

Chad Felix Greene chimed in:

Bradley didn’t realize Chad himself is Jewish so he came back with this pathetic barb:


If only he’d have taken a moment to look at Chad’s timeline maybe he wouldn’t have stuck his big ol’ foot in his big ol’ mouth:

No, he just implied conservatives are disrespectful to Jews.

What Chad said.

And you know he was right because Bradley got all sorts of defensive:


You’d think he’d walk away but no.




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