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'We've been LIED to': Receipt-filled thread about COVID found in Red Cross blood samples show virus was likely HERE in 2019

Every once in a while we come across a thread on Twitter where we stop, read the whole thing (even if it is CRAZY long and … well, crazy), and think to ourselves, ‘Hey, you know what? We should totally share this with our readers.’


This thread qualifies.

Note, we can neither confirm nor deny anything he’s talking about here BUT man oh man, it definitely makes the hair on the back of this editor’s neck stand up.

Take a look.

Way earlier.

Keep going.

Soooo .. two to three months earlier?

We were told there would be no math.

Shew! He did the math for us.


Dude is a giver.


Could it be?

Something like that.


They were busy with other stuff, like trying to impeach Trump.



We’re seeing a lot of that name-calling going around.


Remember how many of them called Trump a racist for the ban? Democrats encouraging people to go to Chinatown to prove they weren’t racist?

Good times.


Again, we can neither confirm nor deny anything written here BUT reading it … HOOboy.

So much to think about.



BOOM! GOP Congresswoman-elect Lauren Boebert has the PERFECT idea for getting Dems to support concealed carry (they’ll hate it!)

‘You just AREN’T smart’: Ilhan Omar calling to cancel rent and mortgages has Tweeps suggesting OTHER things she should cancel

Oh honey, NO. ROFL! AOC championing capitalism to sell her crap merchandise pushing socialism BACKFIRES spectacularly

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