It’s cute how socialists hate capitalism until they realize they want to make money too. And by cute we mean annoying, pathetic, sad, and all too damn predictable. Socialism for thee but not for me, AOC? And the idiots at Tax March fanboying over her lame-a*s merch?

If we rolled our eyes any further back we’d see Joe Biden in his basement wondering when he takes his seat in the Senate.




Like that somehow makes it better … or true.

Morons who can’t afford to pay off their student loans buying her merchandise.

Gotta love it.

No wait.

Gotta point and LAUGH at it.

That’s better.

Atta girl, AOC. HA HA HA HA

Doesn’t sound very ‘green’ to us, Sandy.

True dat.



‘Look ma! A mask Nazi’! Video of whacked-out masked old man harassing/threatening woman for not wearing a mask is nuts (watch)

This is your BRAIN on critical race theory –> Headline from The Root about straight black men is straight-up racist AF

‘Help isn’t coming. WE are the help.’ EPIC sign on front door of LA County restaurant about lockdowns will make you FIST-PUMP