Gotta watch out for the mask Gestapo.

If this wasn’t staged – and c’mon, it happens all of the time on social media – this is NUTS.

Who does this guy think he is? Honestly, this editor can’t decide if this is funny or terrifying.

Watch (language is not safe for work so if you’re watching in public best to watch with earbuds or headphones):

Ho-lee chit.


Also … nice shorts.


These mandates have empowered the very worst in people.

Seems legit.

And those shorts, right?!

Somewhere along the line people forgot how to mind their own damn business.

We need to figure it out again.

She did a decent job of removing herself from the situation.

But yeah, it took too long for someone to actually get in the middle and tell him to knock it off.

A woman in a mask.

Maybe there is hope for us yet, folks.



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