Thinking politicians like Ilhan Omar should be careful of calling for anything to be ‘canceled.’

It just never really goes over well for them.

Like this garbage about rent and mortgage payments:

You don’t just ‘cancel’ debt, Ilhan. It doesn’t magically float off into the sky because you say it’s no longer owed. Someone somewhere is paying that debt off and guess what, it’s always the middle-class taxpayer. But she thinks she can convince people it’s just the rich who get hit with it, and sadly far too many yahoos believe her. And then when they’re broke they’ll continue b*tching about the rich not realizing it’s the scammers like Ilahn promising them a free ride that are hitting them in the pocketbook.

The pushback was pretty pushy.

That works, right?

Sheesh, how many brothers does she have?

Like most Democrats.

Ooooh, good one.

Only for moronic Democrats.

Which works here.



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