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Black leaders 'concerned' the guy who called an Exalted Cyclops a 'friend and mentor' isn't appointing more black people to his admin

NOW black leaders are concerned? Seriously?!

Did they miss it when Joe Biden said black people who don’t vote for him ain’t black? Or when he claimed the black community isn’t as diverse in thought as the Hispanic community? Or maybe they forgot he’s the guy who was friends with Robert Byrd who was once an Exalted Cyclops in the KKK.

Gosh, sounds like buyer’s remorse to us:


Join the club.



Heck, even Kamala Harris brought all of this up during their debates … ironically she’s now his VP-elect.

It should have been written before the election, which is why it wasn’t.


Ain’t it great?

And the Left has embraced them in a big way.

Have fun with that.



Oh honey, NO. ROFL! AOC championing capitalism to sell her crap merchandise pushing socialism BACKFIRES spectacularly

‘Look ma! A mask Nazi’! Video of whacked-out masked old man harassing/threatening woman for not wearing a mask is nuts (watch)

This is your BRAIN on critical race theory –> Headline from The Root about straight black men is straight-up racist AF


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