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Someone get the elitist a tissue? Byron York DROPS Jimmy Kimmel for shaming Americans over such a close election

Jimmy Kimmel is very upset with Americans for having such a close election. Guess he just assumed all of us little pions would ultimately believe in and support the same things he does.


Or something.

From WaPo:

Kimmel: “I’m very happy and relieved that it looks like we’re finally sending this monster back to Mar-a-Lago. But I’m also shocked that it was this close. I mean, we reunited the cast of every movie and TV show ever made to win this election. It is unimaginable to me that close to half of American voters saw what this man has done to this country over the last four years [reads long list that includes ‘he dismantled the pandemic response team’ and ‘he called neo-Nazis ‘very fine people’] and almost half of us are apparently okay with that. Half of us want to keep it going for four more years. … What more did Trump have to do to show us that he’s insane and not fit to lead this country? I feel like I overestimated the American people. And I underestimated the Village People.”

And hey, they did all of these entertaining things to get rid of the bad orange man, how could it be that Americans didn’t just follow right along?

This is why so many people have stopped watching these shows, right here.

Byron York had this to say:

VERY disappointed in you.


Raise your hand if you don’t give two s**ts what Jimmy Kimmel thinks of you.

At least they think they are.


This editor can’t stop crying.

‘Nuff said.



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