Sounds more and more like Arizona is going to go the way Trump needs it to.

Keep in mind, they’re still counting but this sounds promising:

And Trump needs AZ.

From The Daily Wire:

Garrett Archer, a data journalist for ABC 15 Arizona, backed up Data Orbital’s read of the data, saying that the fresh data puts Trump on track to overtake Biden’s lead, though narrowly. Arizona is still either side’s state to take, he noted.

“While on the surface good, this drop is a ‘tread water’ for what Trump would need to flip the state. As we get closer to the end, the ballots get less friendly (ballot drop off uni will have a lot more Independents in them),” Archer noted after the latest drop of data early Thursday morning.

“Trump now needs 68,390 to catch Biden. There are approximately 430k or so ballots left in the state,” Archer said, providing a rough overview of the state of Arizona’s outstanding ballot count.

Just count the freakin’ votes already.


Also from AZ Central:

As Maricopa County released the results from 140,000 more ballots on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, President Donald Trump received almost the exact share he would need to charge back to win Arizona’s 11 electoral votes and potentially reelection.

Trump won the batches of ballots from Maricopa County counted Wednesday and early Thursday by a roughly 57-40 margin over former Vice President Joe Biden.

Those votes — likely early ballots sent to the county on Monday and Tuesday — narrowed Biden’s lead over Trump in Arizona to 68,000 votes, when his lead had been more than 90,000 votes earlier Wednesday.

Paul Bentz, a Republican pollster with the consulting firm HighGround, said Trump needs to win 57.6% of the 470,000 votes that The Arizona Republic estimates remain to be counted.

“That’s almost exactly what he got in the first batch,” Bentz said. “He could do it.”

Eat your Wheaties, folks, this thing is still going.



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