As many folks on the Right wrestle with the idea of a possible Biden presidency (Harris? YIKES!), Ben Shapiro took a moment to point out that even if Trump doesn’t win, the Democrats aren’t getting what they really wanted.

That ultimately they aren’t winning.

And he’s right.

Take a look.

They ARE unusually sour. You’d think these people who have done NOTHING but shriek about resisting and the bad orange man would be thrilled that he might lose and they might get their old, rich, white guy in the White House. But nope … they are oddly bitter and pissy.

Then again, this could just be their new normal.

Ben continued:


It’s easy to forget how important the THREE branches of government are during a presidential election, especially one as emotionally charged as 2020. If Trump loses (boo hiss), he did do some amazing things to protect us from tyranny and Leftist BS, like filling courts with conservative judges and SCOTUS with actual constitutionalists. He empowered an entire group of Republicans who were once timid and shy to fight back.

And don’t get this editor wrong, he could still win this thing, but if worst comes to worst Democrats still LOSE.

Sorry, not sorry.