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'Your take insults us all': Mark Ruffalo's attempt at 'rescuing' Kamala Harris after VP Debate even pisses off the Left

Just going over Mark Ruffalo’s tweet in our head.


Folks, we read a lot of dumb tweets, it’s sort of what we do, so take it from us … this tweet is bad.


Like uber-bad.

Nuclear-level stupid.

In fact, a bad tweet would walk past this tweet, take one look at it and say, ‘Damn, that’s a bad tweet.’

Pence debating Kamala Harris as he would any other candidate is a prime example of ‘white male supremacy.’



Yeah, that was super creepy.

Put on a damn shirt, Hollywood.


He even pissed off the left.



Ding ding ding.

Mark, either she’s a strong woman who can handle it or she’s a victim … victims don’t win elections.



GRRL BYE! AOC DRAGGED for making ridiculous and easily-debunked claims about the GOP and pro-life in general and DAMN

‘Good Lord the HATRED!’ Megyn Kelly calls OUT Leftist, female pundits for making straight-up SEXIST digs at VP Pence

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