Not sure AOC could be any more wrong … wronger? Somethin’.

This is ridiculously dumb, even for this ridiculously dumb socialist like her.

Just to be clear: nothing AOC said in this tweet is accurate.

Or true.

Or real.

Everything is, in fact, wrong and based entirely on a stereotype set like 40 years ago. Maybe she missed it, but the GOP has been pushing to make the birth control pill over the counter for years and years, and they have been blocked by Democrats, every time.

That doesn’t sound like a party that’s trying to make birth control harder to access to us.

Democrats love to hold life hostage.

Just like our kids’ education.

A means to an end.

What about the baby’s choice?


Seriously nobody.

Granted, the GOP doesn’t believe taxpayers should fund it but that doesn’t mean they don’t want people to have it.

She’s about as clear as mud.

Not in the least.

But you know, like the GOP is only pro-birth and stuff!

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads they’d get stuck there.



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