As Twitter was filled with claims of Mike Pence being a sexist during the debate with Kamala Harris (he won, so that makes him like a total sexist and stuff), Megyn Kelly noticed a trend with female pundits after the debate was over.

A very sexist trend, but not in regard to Kamala.

Let us guess, women can’t be sexist, right? Is that how this goes? Because we’ve gotta be honest, this all sounds pretty damn sexist.

Calling Pence flaccid. K.

Limp and lame.

All the cringe.

Seriously, that’s extra creepy coming from Rachel Maddow for some reason. There should be some FCC regulation that forbids Maddow from using any words related to a penis, thank you very much.

Flaccid again.

Can you imagine if male pundits made similar comments about Kamala? Pence treated her like his equal and this morning there are shrieking harpies all over Twitter calling him a sexist. Does that mean poor Kamala is just a girl and should be handled with girl gloves? Because THAT sounds freakin’ sexist to this editor.

We don’t even know what to say here … momala. Really?! REALLY?!

A cutesie little nickname?

C’mon man!

Sorry, woman!

We knew it would be a train wreck during and after but this was ridiculous. Honestly, their behavior just tells us what we already knew, and that was Kamala lost the debate. Badly.

And no amount of spin will change that.