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Trump was right, he's the DUMBEST man on TV --> Don Lemon claims Trump catching COVID is payback for calling it a hoax (watch)

As Don Lemon ‘broke’ the news about Trump and Melania testing positive for COVID, he tossed in his own personal opinion that Trump catching it was ‘payback’ for calling the virus a hoax. Now, we all know that even Snopes has debunked the claim that Trump called it a hoax, but Don knows his limited, frothy-mouthed, emotionally shallow audience isn’t very bright and probably doesn’t know any better.

Then again, Trump did once call Don the dumbest man on TV … seems he was onto something.

Don is just awful.

Sorry, not sorry.

Every time we think they can’t sink any lower they surprise us.

You’d think by now we’d have learned our lesson.

They can always get uglier and nastier.

It’s what they do best.

Not a great visual.

Snopes debunked it.


C’mon, man!



REKT! James Woods has just 1 word for WaPo and their ‘tasteless’ (now deleted) tweet about never having to think about Trump again

Outpouring of LOVE from Libs for Trumps after testing positive for COVID is AMAZING – JK they’re AWFUL, here are the worst of the worst

BUSTED: Sen. Tom Cotton caught Mazie Hirono admitting the real reason Democrats oppose ACB on SCOTUS (watch)


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