As Twitchy readers likely already know, President Trump and the First Lady have both tested positive for COVID.

Trump announced it early this morning:

Social media erupted in love and support for the Trumps after the news broke, people near and far wishing them well and praying for their recovery.


So kidding.

Oh, don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of people on the Right, and even two or three on the Left, who absolutely are praying for Trump and Melania, but we’ve honestly lost count of the number of blue-check Lefties and liberal nobodies wishing death on them both.

This thread just barely touches on the worst of the worst:

‘I only ever wanted you to suffer.’


Been hoping he dies since 2015.


Keep in mind, all with blue-checks.

Meanwhile, people on the Right are getting suspended for questioning Google’s search metrics.

True story.

Congressional candidate.


This just emphasizes the point that people on the Right just think people on the Left have bad ideas. People on the Left think people on the Right are bad people.

Editor’s note: We will likely add more tweets to this story as the day goes on.



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