Governor Jay Inslee is very angry with Boeing for getting TF outta Washington.

Sorry, but after the last 10 months or so, does anyone really blame them?

Other than Jay, of course:

Or maybe Boeing is sick of the way your state does things, Jay.

From Inslee:

“Washington state remains the best place in the world to build airplanes. Boeing’s success as a company is a credit to the workers and taxpayers of Washington state. Today’s announcement is an insult to the hardworking aerospace employees who build 787s.

“I recently asked Boeing’s leadership what the company needs to keep 787 production in Washington state. In all our conversations, they never asked for anything. I understand the serious market forces Boeing faces today. What I don’t understand is why the company can’t commit to restoring production here when the market for this plane improves.

“This news falls hardest on the more than 1,000 Washington workers who build the 787, and many more who face uncertainty as a result of this decision. The aerospace industry will remain a major employer in our state with about 70,000 workers. The state is committed to maintaining support for those companies and workers.

Jay can’t figure out why the mean ol’ corporation doesn’t want to be taxed and regulated to death.

Crazy, right?


What they said.



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