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Clutch those pearls! Hall Monitor extraordinaire Brian Stelter SHOCKED over Tucker Carlson's spot-on banner about violent Left

Fox News should send Brian Stelter a box of cookies for all of the free advertising he gives their network PLUS the amount of time he actually spends watching it. He alone probably keeps Tucker Carlson’s ratings so high in the first place.



Last night, Tater was very upset over Tucker’s chyron …

The Left has been threatening violence over the SCOTUS nomination since the moment we learned RBG had passed.

He’s shocked that Tucker is reporting the news?

Eh, he does work for CNN so the idea of actually covering the news might be foreign to the lil feller.

But wait, there’s more!


Psh, that’s just another one of those peaceful protests.

See?! He’s literally driving people to their network.


We suppose those pearls ain’t gonna clutch themselves, right Brian?



Scott Presler’s response to woman telling ANYONE who will listen she’s leaving her Trump-supporting husband is PERFECTION

‘What are they trying to hide?’ BLM quietly deletes ‘What We Believe’ page BUT luckily lots of people kept receipts (screenshots)

EPIC thread takes Nikole Hannah-Jones APART for claiming she never meant 1619 was our ‘true founding’ (and deleting tweets!)

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