Silly people, that whole ‘true founding’ thing was for PR … or something.

The irony of Nikole Hannah-Jones accusing OTHER people of seeing what is politically useful is a hoot.


Seems she has backtracked on her claim that 1619 was the true founding of America but Phil Magness has a bunch of receipts showing otherwise, and he put them together in a fairly epic thread.

Yes, let’s take a closer look.

That doesn’t seem like PR to us but we’ll keep reading.

Oh look, a receipt.

And another receipt.

Gosh, it’s almost as if Hannah-Jones isn’t being entirely honest.

But she didn’t MEAN it.

Yadda yadda yadda.

We’re seeing lots and lots of receipts here.


Who’da thunk it?

Of course, NYT was unfazed. They’re not known for being overly concerned with facts.

An entire piece on it.


NYT is good at ‘quietly’ editing things.

Sneaky mofos.

The Internet is forever.

Not quite like 1619 but still … forever.



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