Yeah yeah yeah, we know, we made fun of The Lincoln Project already this morning but OMG people, they are just too funny. The lot of ’em.

Especially Rick Wilson who should maybe spend a little more time cleaning up his Twitter timeline and less time acting all big and tough with a bunch of people who just end up pointing and laughing at him.

C’mon, he had to know this tweet wouldn’t go well …

The only thing that makes the least bit of sense to us is that Rick knows this will fire up Trump’s base and help with his re-election chances WHICH gives his projects four more years of ‘support’. Without Trump, the little groups he helped create are pretty damn meaningless.

Let’s not pretend the Left actually has any use for these GOP has-beens.

Yeah, we’re super skeered.

The guy in front is Tom Nichols, right?

He’d have to have it in the first place to lose it.

Don’t worry, Rick, McConnell will treat Schumer and the Democrats with the same contempt they showed when he was in the minority.

Good times.

Rick really does need a schtick.


He was so right … then.

He’ll be back. Wait … baaawck.


Ugh, it must be exhausting for Rick to be this wrong so much of the time.


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