Nobody is more at the top of his game when putting together ‘life comes at you fast’ threads than Drew Holden. We knew there were a TON of tweets out there from Democrats, media, and blue-checks demanding McConnell fill SCOTUS in 2016 who are not demanding he LEAVE IT VACANT but wow.

Hell, they even had a cute little hashtag, #WeNeedNine.

This is insane BUT it’s the Left … so … yeah.

Do your job.

That’s hilarious coming from Obama.

Shocker, Hillary is talking out both sides of that horrid, puffy, stuff-of-nightmares face.

Orange man.

That’s it.

Joe doesn’t know what year it is, let alone what it means for us to face a constitutional crisis.

Probably sometime when he was meeting secretly with Iran.

Oops, we said the quiet part out loud again.

Our bad.

Don’t be like Dick.

After what they pulled with Kavanaugh? They can all have a nice, refreshing glass of STFU juice.





Fight for progress UNLESS it’s progress we disagree with.

Or something.

Our brain is starting to sting a little.



‘Nuff said.

We’d have one less outlet to make fun of … fair point.

Because no one expects much from MSNBC.



Hey man, at least there was no mention of tentacles this time.

Side note: We’re shocked Kurt hasn’t blocked Drew.

Thanks once again, Drew, for doing the hard work for us.


Seriously, this guy’s Twitter timeline kicks SO MUCH a*s.



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