Dick … sorry … Richard Blumenthal thought threatening Republicans with ‘nothing being off the table’ would somehow resonate and keep Trump from nominating someone to fill the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s SCOTUS seat.

Dick thought wrong.


RICHARD thought wrong.

As usual.

Anyway, here’s his big threat.

Ooooh, we’ve got a bada*s up in here.

Seems he’s changed his tune since 2016.

Don’t be like Dick.



But what’s REALLY weird is Dick thinking his threat would mean a damn thing or intimidate anyone. Tammy Bruce just went OFF, and it was a beautiful, beautiful thing.

OR WHAT, DICK?! What other fraudulent bullsh*t could Democrats pull on this country NOW?!

Sit down.


Yes, we are done being threatened.

Democrats should probably knock it off.

Much like Dick should probably apologize for lying about his service in Vietnam. Just sayin’.



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