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BAHAHA! Brandon Darby's tweet about rioter jumping on cop's car is hilarious and assist from Greg Gutfeld makes it PERFECT

Don’t want to get run over by a cop car?

Don’t jump on one.


More and more we are seeing proof that the saying, ‘play stupid games, win stupid prizes’ is actually legit, like this yahoo who thought he would jump on a cop car because fascism or racism or some other ism.


It didn’t go so hot for the little rioter who couldn’t.

And Brandon Darby didn’t see any issue with what the cop did:


Oh, we know, we’re not supposed to laugh but c’mon already.

Greg Gutfeld added the following …

Right? Psh.

Have we mentioned how stupid everything is in 2020? Yeah? Good deal. Just making sure.



TJ Hooker ruled.


Ok, that tweet wins.

We’re done here.

Everyone, go home. She won.



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