Brit Hume remains one of the best resources on Twitter for the ‘other side’ of the virus narrative, aka the NORMAL, sane, rational side as opposed to the mess traditional media have made of the ‘pandemic.’ And looking at this thread Brit shared, it’s pretty obvious looking back that this was the plan all along.

We know, you’re shocked.

Or not.

He’s right, this is a smart thread.

He’s also right though, that the media would never have cooperated … still worth a look.

The media pushed a narrative instead of a story? We’re SHOCKED!

What happened to ‘flattening the curve’ and keeping our hospitals from being overwhelmed? Now we’re to the point of not letting people get sick? What?

It might have.

To be fair, Trump can’t win when it comes to media.

But keep going.

This. ^

The issue with Trump pushing back is they were blaming him for every death.

Granted, they’re blaming him anyway so perhaps it would have been worth it.

And yes, Berenson kicks so much a*s.




Beyond just a task force, he needed a communications team.

Or a bunch of mouthy people in social media … ahem.

Ding ding ding.



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